The Telinga Universal Mk2 is designed to make use of a favourite or existing microphone in a Telinga parabolic dish and be able to focus in on distant sound.

The Universal has been developed for the recordist who already has a mono stick microphone which can be omni-directional or cardiod (but not hyper cardiod). The mic can be 20-25mm diameter and up to 18 cm in length and can now be fitted forward or backwards using the silicone rubber rings of the holder. It is commonly used with Sennheiser MKH-8020 (omni) MKH-8040 (cardiod) Schoeps CMC./CCM series, DPA 4060’s, DPA 4006, or Audio Technica 4022, Rode NT6 etc

The Universal has a rubber-foam handle with a through-going cable which is fitted with Neutrik a three pin XLR (gold plated pins). The handle and parabolic dish are easily assembled with a large nylon threaded nut and then the user’s microphone is connected to the handle’s cable and gently slipped into its snug fit in the acoustic foam of the zeppelin wind-shield. Plug the male XLR from the base of the handle into the recorder and you are ready to go.

Since you can access both the microphone holder and dish from behind the setup you may place a miniature microphone or even two (for stereo experiments) – one inside the Zeppelin holder and another mounted to the edge of the dish for example. If you use DPA 4060’s you may use the surface mounts.

N.B. No microphone or electronics are supplied

Assembling the Telinga Universal



  1. About to slide the Sony Mic into the zepplin. (The transparent dish and handle are below)
  2. next locate the threads on the zepplin with the ring on the parabols grey tube and screw together


Ready to go ….

universal 1787