Designed to be cost effective and extremely easy to use, it is the perfect choice for the user that requires no fuss connection to their handy recorder that features Plug-in-power. Often used alongside compact small video recorders to record synchronised sound when shooting telephoto of wildlife or sport events. The microphone’s 3.5mm audio connector also provides Plug-in-Power (or PIP) from the recording device’s battery to power up the microphone with the tiny current it needs.

The Pro X is excellent for general recording of sound that is difficult to get close to, such as wildlife, sporting fixtures, sound effects for adding to musical compositions and distant speech. The parabola has the effect of bringing the sound ten times closer to the recordist, boosting its signal to noise ratio compared to the ambient sound. Its directionality has even been used for isolating faulty bearings. The beauty of this model is that it has been possible to keep costs low by permanently joining the microphone to the handle and powering the mic from the Plug-in-power type recorders. The sound quality achieved from this unit is very similar to the Pro 8 series although there is a barely perceptible increase in system noise compared to the top of the range model the Pro 8.

 The Pro X is currently supplied with the Telinga Stereo microphone.