The Pro 8 Mk ll with the Twin Science offers the ultimate quality and flexibility for the professional recordist that needs 48v phantom power with 3 pin XLRs.

In the photo above a Twin Science microphone is shown attached to the Pro 8 Mk ll Handle. The unique design feature of the Twin Science is that it has both cardioid and omni directional mono microphone capsules and their outputs are available on the Left and Right channels for simultaneous recording to give the recordist the option to select the most suitable track later. Cardioid (directional) capsules give more gain but tend to be more sensitive to handling and wind noise than omni directional capsules, which are less sensitive, thus ensuring the greater safety of having a ‘clean track’ if the wind gets up or small hand movements are noticeable in the studio. This microphone is often used for scientific research when the most accurate frequency response is needed and sonograms are required.

The Stereo microphone has been designed to give a more pleasing rounded hi-fidelity stereo recording on modern digital recording systems with an extremely low background or system noise level.


Klas Strandberg, Telinga’s inventor, explains how parabolic microphones work