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August 2017PriceIncluding VAT @ 20%
COMPLETE SYSTEMS (Includes Handle, Dish & Mic)
ProX Mk 2 & Stereo733.33880.00
Pro8 Mk 2 & Stereo900.001080.00

Handles With Parabolic Dish
Pro8 Mk 2607.15728.58
Use power box to convert to 3.5mm Jack - see below
Universal Kit Mk 2557.86669.43

Microphones (Mark 2)
Twin Science414.30497.16

Plugin Power Models (Includes Dish, Handle & Mic)
Pro 4 PIP Handle, Mic & DishCurrently Not Available
Pro 5 PIP Handle, Mic & Dish678.60814.32

Carrybag (75x34cm) - Only for 1mm dish45.0054.00
Tripod Bracket Support Bar19.5023.40
Augur Windshield38.0045.60
Power Supply Box For Pro 8 with 3.5mm Jack149.00178.80

Olympus LS100260.00312.00