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We, that’s Richard and Julia Kemp are natural history filmmakers and have been making films for ITV’s Survival series, BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic since we began in Kenya in 1972. In those days we shot on film, so synchronising the sound track with the running film, without the aid of a clapper board and a sound man, was a huge headache. Now, as then, filming with telephoto lenses gets you the close-ups TV so desperately needs, but the live sound of the event more often as not still eludes the cameraman, leaving it for post production to create the sound to fill the void.

Obtaining high quality sound for wildlife programs had always presented producers with a series of technical and logistical problems whether sync or wild, so it was with great interest that we discovered our first Telinga Pro 3 Datmic Stereo in 1984. Although on location the moving image was always foremost in our minds this new bit of kit revolutionised our ability to get closeup relevant sound. The amazing thing is, that microphone still produces excellent sound despite constant use throughout the world, and being subjected to heavy abuse during numerous arctic trips way below zero as well as the blazing heat of Namibia and the humidity of India’s Kaziranga swamp. In all that time it has only needed one trip back to the factory for a replacement rechargeable battery and a new parabolic dish which had become rather dented by the ravages of six weeks of Himalayan mule transport although still useable at the end.

Our old Pro 3 is testimony to the amazing build quality and durability of Telinga products. However their inventor Klas Standberg’s continual quest for technical improvement, has more than kept pace with developments of today’s recorders, many of which strangely still often lag behind the Telinga output.

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